Healthy Food Rules

Want to eat healthier, but you find it hard. Here are some rules that make healthy eating easy and convenient.

1. Eat like a tourist in Greece
You were in Greece? If so perfectly to know what the locals eat. If not, the combination is simple: fish, goat and sheep meat, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, cheese and yogurt. Add honey and a glass of red wine. May seeds – walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios. What follows is the perfect menu!

2. Read what it says on the back of the box
The truth about each product you buy is on back of the box. On the front it is all “advertising.” Truth is hidden and must be found.

3. Good Snacks
Snacks are a solution. Everybody uses them. I mean quick snack with dried fruit, seeds and cereal bars. A good rule: eat slowly, take your time, enjoy what you chew!
“The more you chew slower, you will get fuller” said Michelle K. Berman.

4. There are no “fruit flavor”
Natural flavors, natural or synthetic identical have nothing in common with fruit.

5. Do not make provisions
Do not make provisions of unhealthy food supplies. The idea is that if the chips bag is not handy, then you will not eat. And if you still really want chips, this means to leave the house and go buy them. And maybe you’re lazy. And laziness may be a good thing.

6. Sit at the table!
Do not eat on TV, do not eat while working on the computer, do not eat when you go in the subway, or driving. Eat at the table, calmly. Food will absorb better. American Institute of Nutrition says eating up and associated with another activity is extremely harmful. Those who do so, consuming three times more unhealthy food, of fast food type, four times more carbonated liquids and three times less fruit and vegetables.

7. Forget sodas
Advertisements bombard you and talk about juice full of vitamins, “energy” or antioxidants. In fact, there is colored water with additives. The rest, fruit juice and natural extracts are less than 5%. So insignificant. Choose water, natural juice and herbal tea home made.

8. Do not buy food where to buy tires
You’re tempted, because of lack of time to buy some food from the places where you go for other reasons. Food can be bought only from grocers, supermarkets and market places where is only food. Not from the gas station, not at a bus, not subway. The food in these places is 99% junk.

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